Church Guidelines for Reopening


Important Announcement

Greetings church members and visitors,

We are open for worship on Sundays from 11am-noon. We are taking all the necessary precautions to congregate together in a safe environment. Below you will read what we are doing as church leaders to keep our sanctuary clean and safe for worship. Also we have included what you can do to be part of this process.


  1. The Leadership’s Responsibility
    1. There will only be a one hour service on Sunday morning.
    2. There will be no Sunday school.
    3. There will be no nursery, children, or youth ministry.
    4. We will have Zoom Bible studies during the week.
    5. We will have online messages for people unable to make it to church.
    6. We will sanitize the sanctuary after every service on Sunday.
    7. Ushers will direct traffic within the sanctuary.
    8. We will not pass out any bulletins.

2 .The Congregation’s Responsibility

    1. We encourage everyone to stay connected.
    2. Sign up for Zoom Bible studies during the week.
    3. We encourage the congregation to practice social distancing.
    4. We also must practice social distancing in the parking lot.
    5. Out of respect for others, let us assume they do not want to be physically touched. We encourage hand waves or thumbs up.
    6. Everyone is required to wear a face mask.
    7. If you are sick (fever, cough, sore throat…) please stay home.
    8. We must minimize crowds in the aisles and the foyer.
    9. Bring your own bottled water. The water fountain will be closed.
    10. Pew Bibles will be removed. Please bring your own Bibles.

We may learn something new every week, so we must be open to change.


Love, Joy, Peace…

Pastor Albert Gerena